Weekly Link Roundup 2013.06.16

Useful tools and resources from this week:

Link Roundup

Link Roundup

Road Warrior Tips


Article from Under30CEO that is a nice reminder of all the stuff you should be doing when on the road to take care of yourself.

Other Tools


Need some help creating info-graphics to catch prospects attention? Check out this list of resources from Readwrite.com.



Not sure where to start with Pinterest for your business? Michael Stelzner from Social Media Examiner will explain where to start.


Check out this article to from Mack Collier before your next campaign for a few great ideas.

Tech News


How much data will the NSA and alphabet soup of other agencies look at your stuff? Mashable provides a quick overview of some of the concerns with the NSA.

Dealer News


Car gal Kathi Kruse lays out some important facts about how social media can help  car sales.



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